Campervan Mattresses – Adding comfort to your holiday

Sleep is important to us. So choosing the right mattress material is essential when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. However, with the wide range of mattresses available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which campervan mattress to go for or whether your custom fit requirements even make a new mattress possible. If you own a campervan of some description, you'll probably know that the standard of mattresses are not the most comfortable, in fact - they can be extremely unpleasant, causing unnecessary aches, pains and restless nights. This is probably why you're here reading this! When you're away on holiday in your motorhome, the last thing you need is to spend the night tossing and turning due to something as simple as an uncomfortable mattress. So what options are available to you?

Why a Memory Foam Mattress Is Right For Your Motorhome?

Known for their even heat and weight distribution, memory foam mattresses contour to your body shape, relieving pressure on your heaviest body parts, perfect for those who suffer with joint and back issues or for those who simply want to prevent them and enjoy a good nights rest. It’s durable, easy to care for and most importantly - extremely comfortable. There are often various quality ranges on offer, such as our Standard, Deluxe and Supreme foam mattress, while alternatives such as our Airflow offer greater cooling properties, so be sure to understand how best to pick the right mattress for you. This starts with the density of the foam, where the higher densities provide greater support and comfort but with a higher price point due to material quality.

Campervan Mattress Toppers

Replacing the entire mattress, especially when new, is not always the best solution both financially and environmentally but comfort can be added with a mattress topper. Toppers usually come in various thicknesses and quality grades, much like a mattress, but are thinner and lighter and simply lay on top of an existing mattress. Depending on the quality and comfort of the mattress below, you can choose to just add a 2 inch buffer layer or go for a deep 4 inch campervan mattress topper to give a greater feeling of a full memory foam mattress.

Custom Campervan Mattresses & Toppers

Not every motorhome is the same, each coming with their own layout and sleeping arrangements making upgrading or changing the mattresses all the more awkward. When in a position where a standard mattress or memory foam mattress topper is not right for you, there are custom motorhome mattress options available. At Bodymould we've been supplying the UK with custom foam requirements for generations and looking after campers and motorhomes has always  been popular. Contact us with your size and shape requirements and we can custom cut mattresses and mattress toppers, and their covers, to suit your needs.

How Do I Care For My Memory Foam Mattress or topper?

Another great thing about memory foam is that although it’s possesses many more benefits compared to alternative, such as spring, or latex mattresses, memory foam isn’t any harder to care for than any other regular mattress. In fact, it’s probably a little easier - as it’s hypoallergenic - preventing allergens and dust mites, as well as being spring free - so you won’t have to worry about breaking something inside. Memory foam mattresses, rather than just foam mattresses, are only one sided so be sure to not flip or turn over. So, whether you only visit your campervan only once or twice a year - or you spend every weekend there, you still don’t want to be missing your bed at home. A Memory Foam mattress for your motorhome is the perfect addition to add some comfort and luxury for your next break.
10 signs you need a new mattress

10 Signs you need a new mattress

Every mattress has a shelf life, typically between 7-10 years depending on quality, so eventually it will come time to replace your old mattress with a brand-new one. Wear and tear eventually takes its toll on a mattress, but often the signs that suggest it’s time for a replacement aren’t always clear. Here are 10 signs you need a new mattress:


One of the first and most obvious signs that your mattress needs replaced is its age. On average, you’re supposed to change your mattress every seven to ten years, so if your mattress has reached or even passed that age it really should be replaced soon. Anything older than ten years should be replaced as soon as possible!

Waking up with aches and pains

Now, many people wake up feeling stiff with aches and pains, and while it’s not always the fault of a mattress, it certainly will be in many cases. Older mattresses will deteriorate over time, eventually becoming less effective at offering support to the various joints and muscles of the body, resulting in aches and pains that once never occurred.

A lack of good sleep

Similar to waking up with various pains, if you wake up feeling lethargic and generally uncomfortable, then it may be the mattress telling you it’s time for a replacement. This is because the more wear and tear on a mattress, the less comfort it offers, resulting in a restless sleep full of tossing and turning.

Finding comfort anywhere but your bed

Does your couch or a friend’s bed seem like heaven compared to your own? Have you recently stayed in a hotel and found the difference in mattress comfort to be significant? Then it might be time for a new mattress! If you had the best sleep you’ve had in some time from another mattress is a clear sign that your current mattress is worn and not providing the comfort it once did.


An easy visual sign that is hard to miss, any mattress showing signs of sagging needs to be replaced. This applies to both spring and foam mattresses, as these materials will generally break down over time leading to visible sagging. Be sure to tackle this early – even a few inches of sagging are more than enough to need a replacement.


Another obvious visual indicator, lumps appearing across the mattress is a sign that the padding is breaking down and causing uneven density. This will impact support and comfort, especially around the joints, so should certainly be addressed.


When it comes to memory foam mattresses, they should always return to their original state once you get up. So, if your body is leaving an impression that lasts long after you leave your mattress, then it might be a sign that the inner foam structure has broken down over time, meaning its offering less effective support and needs replaced.


While not a sign from your mattress but rather your own body, being pregnant is always one of the best reasons to invest in a new mattress. This is due to ever-changing state of the body and the need for top-quality support for common pregnancy issues such as back pain. Adjustable beds are a fantastic option for these scenarios, as they allow you to change the bed to suit the various stages of pregnancy.

Heightened allergy symptoms

Older mattresses will eventually accumulate a range of allergens such as mould and dust mites. This may cause an increase in allergies like sneezing anytime you spend time near your mattress, being a clear sign that it needs a replacement. If you are susceptible to allergy symptoms, be sure to consider investing in an allergen cover or a hypoallergenic mattress.

Suffering an injury

If you have recently suffered from an injury or are recovering from surgery, your mattress may need to be replaced in order aid your recovery. Sleeping on a used mattress in such a condition will never help matters and may end up slowing down your recovery time.
Quality of Life

Can A Memory Foam Mattress Improve Quality Of Life?

Anyone that suffers from health problems from back pain to insomnia and arthritis will tell you how debilitating it can be and how it can affect your quality of life. The quality of the sleep you receive and posture you sleep in can affect the way you feel throughout the day. Having a deluxe memory foam mattress or memory foam topper on your bed has been proven to help a number of health problems and in many cases for those on pain medication can help them to reduce or eradicate the need for pain relief. As pain relief medication has a whole host of nasty side effects it can to some feel like a trade off, but there is another option to dosing up to get through the day and that starts with a good night’s sleep.

Improving quality of life with a memory foam mattress?

Arthritis is extremely common, not only in the elderly but younger people too. The condition causes joint stiffening and pain which can make it difficult to mobilize comfortable throughout the day. Sleep of course due to the pain and discomfort caused is also reduced and what little sleep sufferers are able to get the quality of sleep is reduced too. You can however improve sleep with memory foam mattresses. Standard mattresses can cause extra pressure on certain body points which can make ailments, such as arthritis progressively worse, however, memory foam mattresses provide full support to the weight of your body. It also keeps the spine straight to reduce back problems, or alleviate existing ones. By the body being in a healthier alignment thanks to the high quality mattress the blood is better able to circulate around the body. By increasing the circulation arthritis suffers will be able to get relief as they sleep and also feel more comfortable throughout the day thanks to a great start.

Memory foam mattress for someone with mobility problems

People with mobility problems are known to suffer from bed sores when spending long periods of time on a standard mattress; however in the same way that memory foam mattresses are able to aid arthritis by increasing blood circulation those suffering from bed sores can also find relief. Many hospitals and care homes now use memory foam mattresses to reduce the chance of bed sores thanks to better airflow, so if you or someone you know has to spend a lot of time in bed due to health or disability, investing in a good memory foam mattress could reduce or eradicate discomfort. There are many reasons why a person develops sleep apnoea, but the most diagnosed kind is caused by obstruction caused by the throat muscles over relaxing stopping air from getting in. People with sleep apnoea tend to wake several times throughout the night due to the condition meaning the quantity and quality of sleep is poor. For some people suffering from sleep apnoea the improved airflow and alignment of their body can help them to reduce the restriction to their airways allowing them to sleep better, which of course puts them in a better mood for the day ahead.

Using a memory foam mattress if you suffer from allergies

Allergies are not uncommon, especially in the bedroom where you spend a lot of time. unlike mattresses made from other materials memory foam mattresses are hypo allergenic which means that dust mites and other allergens are not able to survive in that environment. This could help people suffering from allergy related symptoms including eczema and asthma. For anyone that suffers from insomnia that time in bed when the rest of the house are deep in slumber it can be frustrating when you are unable to drop off yourself. With a memory foam mattress you are more likely to be able to get into a comfortable position so that you are not tossing and turning. This will give you a better chance of falling asleep rather than waking yourself to find a different position. If you co-sleep a Supreme Double Memory Foam Mattress UK could help both you and your partner even if you have different sleep related problems.

Why A New Mattress Is Good For Your Health

Owning and old mattress is never fun. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can lead to a number of health issues that are entirely avoidable, simply by buying a new one. However you also have to buy the right one, but its an issue not many of us are not willing to address. This makes little sense considering how much time we spend sleeping. The benefits of a good night’s sleep are well-known, so why do so many continue to avoid investing in a new, and the right mattress?

Aches and Pains

Sleeping on the wrong type of mattress (too firm, too many springs) can lead to a number of muscle and joint issues or increase the pain of pre-existing problems. It is important to get a mattress that best suits you and your needs, therefore material is the most important thing to consider when buying a new mattress, especially if it is to target aches and pains. Old mattresses in particular can be problematic. This is because over time mattresses deteriorate and lose its ability to offer effective body support, which can cause various aches and pains to develop. The average mattress life time is 8 years, however this can be differentiated due to lifestyle, weight, and mattress maintenance.  


Lets face it, we've all heard that sleep deprivation can cause, trigger and increase stress, and it is absolutely true. Sleep is extremely important when it comes to our mental and physical health, and can have a huge impact on our day-to-day lives. It contributes to your emotions, concentration and even a part of your personality. While a new mattress won’t make feelings of stress disappear overnight, it can play a big part in reducing them over time.  A new mattress will improve your quality of sleep, therefore improving your feelings and work ethic massively.  

Weight Loss

It goes without saying that simply buying a new mattress won’t make you lose weight, but the positive impact it has on your mind and body could assist you towards reducing weight over time. The human body secretes hormone’s during sleep that regulate our appetite and metabolism. Without quality sleep, the body will struggle to balance these, which can cause a number of health issues, including increased insulin levels when eating, which can lead to weight gain. Additionally, poor sleep levels lead to overeating because of a lack of energy that should be gained through proper sleep.


We have thousands upon thousands of dust mites living in our mattresses, however -  we cant see them and they are extremely hard to get rid of.  Dead skin cells shed naturally during our sleep and accumulate on the mattress, attracting the microscopic dust mites that feed on it. So although they are very common and hard to prevent, most of the time they wont cause a problem for you.  However, some experience 'hayfever like' allergies from these microscopic creatures such as sneezing, itching, coughing, So, as dust mites will not be present in a new mattress, it can result in a reduction or complete loss of allergies caused by mites. However mattress maintenance is also very important to prevent  too many mites developing, as although gross as it may sound, it is perfectly normal for these creatures to live in your mattress if controlled.

Immune System

When you see just how seriously your health deteriorates due to a lack of sleep, it can be quite terrifying. One area in particular that is scary yet one of the most important functions in our body is our immune system. Lack of sleep can wreak havoc on our immune system, which can cause a number of serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, mental illness, and various disease. Sleep deprivation is incredibly dangerous, which is why investing in a new mattress that can address this problem can be a huge health benefit both mentally and physically. So, believe it or not, ditching your old mattress for a new, and more importantly, the right one could significantly improve your physical and mental state, making you a happier, healthier and better person.  

Memory Foam Manufacture & Performance

How does Memory Foam work?

Unlike standard foams that compress and spring back to their original shape immediately, Memory Foam takes much longer to recover (slow recovery foam as it is sometimes known). This is because the cells within the Memory Foam spread air to surrounding cells, decreasing the pressure you feel when you lie on it. This accounts for the way that Memory Foam actually reduces pressure points. It’s this ability to deform that allows Memory Foam to adapt to your body’s shape and weight-bearing areas. No other material has the unique ability to shape to your body in the way that Memory Foam does.

What works best?

However, although Memory Foam is incredibly versatile, an entire mattress made of Memory Foam would be far too soft for us to sleep on. It works best when layered over a firm, supportive material (which is why our Memory Foam mattress toppers are ideal). Because of this effective combination of materials, Memory Foam is generally used as a 2" or 3" topper to be used on your existing, firm mattress. If you are buying an entirely new mattress, you’ll find a 2" or 3" topping layer, bonded to a thicker layer of polyurethane Reflex foam, offers support and works in harmony with the Memory Foam layer.

Why Memory Foam?

Memory Foam is sensitive to changes in temperature. At lower temperatures it is firmer (more viscous), and at higher temperatures it is softer and more elastic. This is the reason Memory Foam is sometimes referred to as visco-elastic memory foam. This temperature sensitivity accounts for the ‘melting’ feeling you sometimes get when you lie down on Memory Foam. It also accentuates the moulding effect of the foam.

The Story of Memory Foam

Everything has a history, even down to your mattress. You will be surprised about the amazing history of this material that you now rest your head on.

What is Memory Foam?

Memory Foam is a relatively new product in the mattress industry. It was originally developed by NASA to reduce the effect of G-force on astronauts by supporting, and therefore reducing, pressure on their bodies during take off and landing. After discovering NASA’s new material, the medical industry saw Memory Foam’s potential to relieve pressure sores. Memory Foam was shown to be unique in the way it responded to temperature and its ability to spread pressure over a greater surface area.

However, although the early foam developed for NASA did have a great deal of promise as a bed topper or wheel chair cushion, it did have issues with degradation over time. This first generation of material wasn't very durable, and would often compress or crack over time.

Who developed Memory Foam?

The first company to realise the potential of Memory Foam for the consumer market was Tempur-Pedic®. They worked on creating their own version of Memory Foam, eventually launching Tempur®, which was much more durable whilst retaining the pressure-reducing benefits of Memory Foam. Initially, this Tempur® foam was used solely by the medical profession, who soon realised that patients using the foam mattresses slept better, had less back pain and felt more refreshed in the morning. This revolutionised the mattress industry in Sweden and Tempur-Pedic® began selling Memory Foam products to consumers.

Why is Memory Foam so popular?

Due to its origin as a medical device, Tempur® foam was very expensive, and has remained so to this day. After a few years on the consumer market, other foam manufacturers saw the potential of Memory Foam and began to produce their own Memory Foam product lines. Because these manufacturers came from the consumer mattress industry, rather than the medical industry, the cost-structure of Memory Foam was much lower and they were able to retail their products at a fraction of the cost of Tempur® foam. As the years went by, Memory Foam became more and more popular, and now manufacturers all over the world are making their own versions of Memory Foam.

The Benefits of Memory Foam

What are the benefits of memory foam you ask? Well, here we discuss the top beneficial factors of purchasing a memory foam mattress and why it is the best choice for you. 


Memory Foam offers great support to your body by distributing your body weight evenly and reducing the pressure on your joints.

Improved posture

Memory Foam absorbs pressure it encourages a straighter spinal position, which in turn helps improve your posture.

Get more sleep

Memory Foam reduces tossing and turning by up to 80%, allowing you to enjoy better sleep for longer.

Great low prices

Luckily, high quality Memory Foam mattresses are available at very competitive prices these days.

Recommended by professionals

Memory Foam mattresses are recommended worldwide by chiropractors and other medical professionals.

Pain relief

Because of the pressure-relieving properties of Memory Foam, common back problems can be reduced significantly as well as many joint complaints.

No need to turn

Because Memory Foam is only used on one side of a Bodymould mattress, you won't need to turn it.

Individual support

Memory Foam only responds to direct pressure, meaning that you and your partner can sleep without interrupting one another. If your partner changes position you won't be affected.  

Memory Foam – Your Simple Guide

1. Memory Foam is made by just three manufacturers in the UK

So regardless of where you buy your mattress, it’s likely to be the same basic product. Be careful when you buy from big brands as you will pay a premium for the name when smaller companies offer the same product at a more competitive price!  

2. Mattress toppers are a fantastic way of improving your current mattress.

If your mattress is in reasonable condition, you won't need the inconvenience of replacing it. Adding a topper will increase the lifespan of your existing mattress, whilst offering you the benefits of Memory Foam.  

3. Density is important.

The density of your Memory Foam mattress determines how well it performs and how long it will last, so do your research. Density does not influence the hardness of the mattress, so higher density Memory Foams are not necessarily firmer, but they are heavier and are a superior quality  

 4. The thickness of your Memory Foam has a huge effect on its performance.

Bodymould Mattress Toppers are available in 2", 3" and 4", each performing to a slightly different level. The thicker toppers will give a more luxurious, comfy feel as they maximise the purpose of the Memory Foam.  

5. Avoid imports to guarantee a much better quality mattress.

The UK manufactures the best Memory Foam in the world.  Imported mattress often do not meet fire safety regulations, which is essential for this type of product.  

6. Don’t be fooled into thinking expensive mattresses or big name brands use more Memory Foam in their mattresses.

Every Memory Foam mattress should have a standard polyurethane base to offer support. BodyMould uses 3" Memory Foam combined with 5" Reflex foam. There are only 4 companies that manufacture these grades in the UK so the foam used in their mattresses is likely to be the same as ours.

What To Look For In A Good Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam mattresses vary hugely in price, from under £200 to over £2,000 for a standard double-sized mattress. This vast range has several determining factors:  

The quality of the foam used.

We have already talked about densities and how this influences price, so as a general rule you should avoid Memory Foam densities that are less than 40kg and the base layer should be no lower than a 30kg density.  

The thickness of the mattress.

Standard mattresses are 8" (20cm) deep for good reason. Thicker mattresses are of no additional benefit to comfort, but will sit too high off the bed base and won’t fit your sheets properly. Thinner mattresses will start to impact the comfort of your mattress. To make sure you get the right product for your needs, all our mattresses are the optimum 8" (20cm) thickness.  

The thickness of the memory foam.

Cheaper mattresses will use thinner layers of Memory Foam, making them less comfortable. We find that 3" is the perfect thickness. Any more and you’ll sink too far in, but any less and you won’t benefit from the comfort that a Memory Foam mattress offers.  

Branded mattresses.

As with anything, you’ll pay a premium for branded products and it is no different in the mattress market. Tempur® mattresses are the biggest known brand, with mattresses selling for as much as £2,000. Lesser-known brands and smaller businesses such as BodyMould have fewer overheads and can produce the same quality mattresses at a fraction of the cost.  

Imported memory foam.

Although imported foam is cheaper, it is often much lower quality than UK manufactured foam. A large proportion of imported goods don’t meet UK fire and safety regulations. For peace of mind, always buy Memory Foam made in the UK.

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