Memory Foam Mattress Care

Enjoying your new BodyMould mattress

Upgrading your old mattress for a new high quality BodyMould memory foam mattress will not just transform your sleeping experience, it will be a doddle to look after and enjoy too. Just follow our simple guidelines below.

Choose a solid base

Your BodyMould mattress must be placed on a sturdy, flat platform like a slat bed or a divan base. This should be well-ventilated to allow air to circulate freely. We don’t recommend using a bed on a sprung base that will not support the memory mattress. It’s vital that the support for your memory foam mattress is level without any dips or hollows.

Easy no turn mattress

Each of our BodyMould mattresses is carefully constructed to give you blissful comfort and the best possible sleep. To keep it this way, you should never turn your mattress. All you need to do is rotate your memory foam mattress from head to foot every three months or so.

Quick wash cover

Your mattress will come with one of our unique CoolPlus covers which help to reduce body heat, offer additional sumptuous comfort and provide a washable protective layer for the mattress.

Free, fast delivery

Your mattress comes with FREE delivery, and you can even book a date and time slot for your delivery too. This makes buying a BodyMould memory foam mattress simple and convenient, with our fantastic customer support team on hand to help with every order.

Advice and support for you

It’s not just our mattresses that provide incredible support and comfort, our customer care and service are also top notch. While each product is custom made, each customer is unique and individually cared for to ensure they are completely happy with their product and the support they have received.

Metric (cm)
Length x Width
Imperial (inch)
Length x Width
UK Sizes
UK small single
190 x 75 cm
75" x 30"
UK single
190 x 92 cm
75" x 36"
UK Small Double
190 x 122 cm
75" x 48"
UK Double
190 x 137 cm
75" x 54"
UK King
198 x 152 cm
78" x 60"
UK Super King
198 x 183 cm
78" x 72"
EU Sizes
EU single
200 x 90 cm
78.7" x 35.4"
EU Double
200 x 140 cm
78.7" x 55.1"
EU King
200 x 160 cm
78.7" x 63"