Memory foam mattress topper, helping you rest better

Mattress Toppers are laid on top of your existing mattress to add comfort and the feel of memory foam without having to invest in a new mattress. All of our toppers are available in a 2”, 3” or 4” thickness. Find out more below.


Why get a Topper?

Adding a topper to your existing mattress is an affordable way of adding the unique properties of memory foam, and the comfort that comes with it as a medium to firm bed topper, to any mattress old or new. Quick and easy to fit, delivered rolled on your day of choice and with exceptional customer care, the Bodymould Toppers are the best on the market and one of the best sellers on Amazon and Tesco.

Multi Use Mattress

Our toppers are not only used on mattresses for the home but also as stand alone mattresses for camper vans, caravans and even boats.

Unique Foam Comfort

A mattress topper adds comfort to any mattress, even if it's new. The added comfort and memory foam properties improve sleep, without replacing the mattress.

Washable Cover

Every bed topper comes covered in our custom 'Cool Plus' cover, protecting the foam, adding an extra layer of comfort and reducing body heat.

Our toppers

Every topper mattress we manufacture is cut to order in-house deep in the Sussex countryside using the best foam available on the market, with higher densities and longevity than even the biggest mattress brands in the country. A retailer with both Amazon and Tesco, our family run business has over 15 years experience in not only mattress manufacturing but foam production for some of the UK's biggest furniture manufacturers.

A great nights sleep

If you're sleeping on a mattress that isn't providing you with the support or comfort your body needs, then a mattress & bed topper is likely the best solution for you. No need to replace your mattress or continue with affected sleep, which may impact your health. Using a topper will extend the structural life of the mattress below and they're the perfect introduction to the qualities of a memory foam sleep. When it's time to upgrade your mattress, foam will be your mattress of choice. Memory foam properties provide a level of support that relieves pressure on joints and leaves you feeling refreshed by morning. Pressure points on your body, from the position you sleep in, are absorbed into the memory foam and supported by the density of the foam at the same time.

Free & fast delivery

Our factory is up and running 6 days a week, meaning we're able to manufacture your product quickly and have it delivered to you on your day of choosing. We're never out of stock so you'll never be left waiting on us as there's no 3rd parties to clog up our pipeline. This is also reflected in our competitive pricing.

Our support

It's true that we value every mattress that we manufacture and as a result we offer fantastic after care support to any customer who has purchased a Bodymould Mattresses topper. This make buying from us a fantastic experience and one that will see you stay with our range of products for not only your own beds, but the whole families.