Memory foam mattresses, options perfect for you

All of our mattresses are made to order and are designed to offer the perfect combination of comfort and support so are neither too hard or too soft! Find out more below.


Memory Foam Mattress Care

Caring for your mattress is very simple, but it's also important for the life of your product and to maintain a comfortable sleep. With the recommended life-span of a high density mattress currently 8 years, it is essential that it is used in the right way.

Not Reversible

Each of our high quality mattresses is constructed in the perfect way to give you ultimate comfort and the best sleep. This means the mattress must be used the right way up and should not be 'flipped'.

Solid Base

Due to the properties of foam mattresses they must be used on a solid flat base bed like slats or divan but not beds that use sprung divan bases that will not support the foam.

Washable Cover

Every one of our mattresses comes with one of our custom designed 'Cool Plus' covers to help reduce body heat, offering additional comfort and a washable protective layer for the foam.

Our mattresses

Each of mattresses are custom cut per order in the heart of the Sussex countryside. Using the highest grade, high density memory foam products in the country, they're high quality than the leading UK mattress brands. We have been manufacturing and designing our own mattresses for 15 years, so long in fact we are the most experienced manufacturer and supplier on the market.

A great nights sleep

Getting a great nights sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but many of us suffer from a lack of sleep and rarely get our 8 hours a night. Studies show that a comfortable mattress can dramatically improve not only our sleep but how we feel physically, such as improving and preventing back pain through distribution of pressure points and maintaining a healthy posture. We are a leading supplier of Orthopedic products to Orthopedic Hospitals in the UK.

Free & fast delivery

Every product comes with FREE delivery along with the ability to book a date and time for your delivery at checkout. This makes buying through Bodymould simple and convenient, with our fantastic customer support team on hand to help with every order.

Our support

It's not just our mattresses that provide incredible support and comfort, our customer care and service are also top of the range. While each product is custom made, each customer is unique and individually cared for to ensure they are completely happy with their product and the support they have received.