Transform a tired bed & sleep better
with an EU double mattress topper

EU Double Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Our UK small single memory foam mattress toppers will provide you with luxurious comfort and support, while also adding a layer of protection to your mattress. We have spent over a decade perfecting our range of BodyMould mattress toppers so that no owner of a bed ever has to settle for second best. We believe everyone deserves a great night’s sleep.

A mattress topper is the ideal way to enjoy the benefits of memory foam without needing to invest in a whole new mattress.

Quality and Thickness

We have two different EU double mattress toppers (see below) and each are available in 2”, 3” or 4” thicknesses. The thickness can make a big difference in the feel of the mattress topper and can affect the comfort and/or support that you require.

Browse our range of mattress toppers to find the right one for you.

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This is the softest topper in our range, made from 50kg density memory foam for fantastic comfort. It offers amazing value for money for such a premium product. The Deluxe topper offers a choice of three thicknesses, 2”, 3″ and 4″.

We recommend the 2″ topper for occasional use. The 3″ topper is our most popular giving great comfort on top of firmer mattresses. While the 4″ is the most luxurious option for enjoying the maximum benefits of memory foam. Every Deluxe topper comes with a CoolPlus cover, a five-year guarantee and free delivery.

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Our market-leading Airflow mattress topper is made from our advanced cooling memory foam. The unique open cell technology dissipates body heat and moisture as you sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed. The increase in airflow is proven to be thirty times greater than other memory foam toppers on the market. The result is an ultra-comfortable, cooler sleep experience and the perfect option for you if you tend to get hot in the night.

The exceptionally high-grade, 60kg density memory foam gives the mattress a medium feel, not too firm and not too soft. The Airflow topper offers a choice of three thicknesses, 2”, 3″ and 4″. All our ‘Airflow’ toppers come with a CoolPlus cover, a ten-year guarantee and free delivery.

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Metric (cm)
Length x Width
Imperial (inch)
Length x Width
UK Sizes
UK small single
190 x 75 cm
75" x 30"
UK single
190 x 92 cm
75" x 36"
UK Small Double
190 x 122 cm
75" x 48"
UK Double
190 x 137 cm
75" x 54"
UK King
198 x 152 cm
78" x 60"
UK Super King
198 x 183 cm
78" x 72"
EU Sizes
EU single
200 x 90 cm
78.7" x 35.4"
EU Double
200 x 140 cm
78.7" x 55.1"
EU King
200 x 160 cm
78.7" x 63"