What To Look For In A Good Memory Foam Mattress

What To Look For In A Good Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam mattresses vary hugely in price, from under £200 to over £2,000 for a standard double-sized mattress. This vast range has several determining factors:


The quality of the foam used.

We have already talked about densities and how this influences price, so as a general rule you should avoid Memory Foam densities that are less than 40kg and the base layer should be no lower than a 30kg density.


The thickness of the mattress.

Standard mattresses are 8″ (20cm) deep for good reason. Thicker mattresses are of no additional benefit to comfort, but will sit too high off the bed base and won’t fit your sheets properly. Thinner mattresses will start to impact the comfort of your mattress. To make sure you get the right product for your needs, all our mattresses are the optimum 8″ (20cm) thickness.


The thickness of the memory foam.

Cheaper mattresses will use thinner layers of Memory Foam, making them less comfortable. We find that 3″ is the perfect thickness. Any more and you’ll sink too far in, but any less and you won’t benefit from the comfort that a Memory Foam mattress offers.


Branded mattresses.

As with anything, you’ll pay a premium for branded products and it is no different in the mattress market. Tempur® mattresses are the biggest known brand, with mattresses selling for as much as £2,000. Lesser-known brands and smaller businesses such as BodyMould have fewer overheads and can produce the same quality mattresses at a fraction of the cost.


Imported memory foam.

Although imported foam is cheaper, it is often much lower quality than UK manufactured foam. A large proportion of imported goods don’t meet UK fire and safety regulations. For peace of mind, always buy Memory Foam made in the UK.

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