The Story of Memory Foam

The Story of Memory Foam

Everything has a history, even down to your mattress. You will be surprised about the amazing history of this material that you now rest your head on.

What is Memory Foam?

Memory Foam is a relatively new product in the mattress industry. It was originally developed by NASA to reduce the effect of G-force on astronauts by supporting, and therefore reducing, pressure on their bodies during take off and landing.

After discovering NASA’s new material, the medical industry saw Memory Foam’s potential to relieve pressure sores. Memory Foam was shown to be unique in the way it responded to temperature and its ability to spread pressure over a greater surface area.

However, although the early foam developed for NASA did have a great deal of promise as a bed topper or wheel chair cushion, it did have issues with degradation over time. This first generation of material wasn’t very durable, and would often compress or crack over time.

Who developed Memory Foam?

The first company to realise the potential of Memory Foam for the consumer market was Tempur-Pedic®. They worked on creating their own version of Memory Foam, eventually launching Tempur®, which was much more durable whilst retaining the pressure-reducing benefits of Memory Foam.

Initially, this Tempur® foam was used solely by the medical profession, who soon realised that patients using the foam mattresses slept better, had less back pain and felt more refreshed in the morning. This revolutionised the mattress industry in Sweden and Tempur-Pedic® began selling Memory Foam products to consumers.

Why is Memory Foam so popular?

Due to its origin as a medical device, Tempur® foam was very expensive, and has remained so to this day. After a few years on the consumer market, other foam manufacturers saw the potential of Memory Foam and began to produce their own Memory Foam product lines.

Because these manufacturers came from the consumer mattress industry, rather than the medical industry, the cost-structure of Memory Foam was much lower and they were able to retail their products at a fraction of the cost of Tempur® foam. As the years went by, Memory Foam became more and more popular, and now manufacturers all over the world are making their own versions of Memory Foam.

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