Memory Foam – Your Simple Guide

Memory Foam – Your Simple Guide

1. Memory Foam is made by just three manufacturers in the UK

So regardless of where you buy your mattress, it’s likely to be the same basic product. Be careful when you buy from big brands as you will pay a premium for the name when smaller companies offer the same product at a more competitive price!


2. Mattress toppers are a fantastic way of improving your current mattress.

If your mattress is in reasonable condition, you won’t need the inconvenience of replacing it. Adding a topper will increase the lifespan of your existing mattress, whilst offering you the benefits of Memory Foam.


3. Density is important.

The density of your Memory Foam mattress determines how well it performs and how long it will last, so do your research. Density does not influence the hardness of the mattress, so higher density Memory Foams are not necessarily firmer, but they are heavier and are a superior quality


 4. The thickness of your Memory Foam has a huge effect on its performance.

Bodymould Mattress Toppers are available in 2″, 3″ and 4″, each performing to a slightly different level. The thicker toppers will give a more luxurious, comfy feel as they maximise the purpose of the Memory Foam.


5. Avoid imports to guarantee a much better quality mattress.

The UK manufactures the best Memory Foam in the world.  Imported mattress often do not meet fire safety regulations, which is essential for this type of product.


6. Don’t be fooled into thinking expensive mattresses or big name brands use more Memory Foam in their mattresses.

Every Memory Foam mattress should have a standard polyurethane base to offer support. BodyMould uses 3″ Memory Foam combined with 5″ Reflex foam. There are only 4 companies that manufacture these grades in the UK so the foam used in their mattresses is likely to be the same as ours.

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