Frequently Asked Questions

How will Memory foam help me?

Because of it’s amazing properties Memory Foam mattresses can reduce back problems, relieve joint aches such as arthritis and help you to sleep longer by reducing your movement during sleep. These are just a few of the things that Memory Foam can help with.

Will I like sleeping on Memory Foam?

Memory Foam is a unique material that the majority of people find extremely comfortable. Occasionally however, people prefer their old mattress. This happens very rarely, but if for any reason you don’t get on with your Memory Foam mattress, we will offer you a full refund minus delivery/collection costs (please click here to see our terms and conditions). To qualify for a refund you must notify us within 7 days of you receiving your mattress.

What is Reflex Foam?

Reflex is traditional polyurethane foam which,  unlike Memory Foam, will not mould to the shape of your body. We use it for the base of all of our mattress as provides a strong, durable base, designed for high impact and weight. Reflex Foam will maintain its shape and firmness for a long time. It offers the optimum support when used alongside with Memory Foam.

Can I get a special sized mattress?

Yes you can. Here at Bodymould Mattresses we make everything right here in our factory, so we can cut your mattress to almost any size you need, along with a matching, fitted washable cover. Please allow 14 days for custom-made mattresses.

Does Memory Foam smell?

Because foam is made from a chemical composite, it will carry a noticeable odour when your mattress is first made. This smell is not dangerous and disappears once the mattress is used. It’s really no different to buying shoes which have a ‘new’ smell to them.

Are your mattresses like Tempur®?

Tempur® uses a similar density components in their mattresses as we do in our Bodymould Supreme Mattress. You would find it difficult to tell the difference between the two, apart from the price of course.

Does Bodymould Mattress foam meet the UK fire regulations?

Yes! All our products comply with the UK furniture and fire regulations. Many cheaper mattresses you might find elsewhere don’t meet these regulations, especially those imported from overseas.

Why am I seeing such a price variation?

Unfortunately there is lots of low grade Memory Foam being imported from places such as China. This Memory Foam doesn’t offer the same qualities as regulated UK manufactured products. Whilst you might think you are getting a bargain, the foam will crumble and collapse very quickly.

You may also see very expensive mattresses on the market. These tend to be retailers who buy products from people like us and then add their profit on top.

Do I need to turn the mattress?

No. Memory Foam is found on the top layer of your mattress and should always face upwards. If you turn it to the underside, you will not feel its unique benefits. However it is recommended that you rotate your mattress occasionally. (To change the area which receives the most pressure).

Is Memory Foam Hot?

Because the foam has an open cell structure air can pass through it, helping to cool you down. However, because of the way Memory Foam works, more of your body is in contact with the mattress which may cause your temperature to rise. This is significantly reduced due to the lack movement while you sleep, and by using a COOLMAX® mattress cover.

Is my bed suitable for a Memory Foam mattress?

You can use Memory Foam mattresses and mattress toppers on any bed base.

Can I use an electric blanket?

Yes you can, but because of the heat, your Memory Foam mattress will feel softer. It may also cause the Memory Foam to degrade over time, but the effects won’t affect the lifespan of your mattress too much.

Can I wash my Memory Foam mattress?

No! You can remove the cover and wash it at 30°C but do not wash the mattress itself. If you spill something on your mattress, simply soak up as much excess as you can before leaving it to air-dry.


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