Custom Made Mattresses

Ordering a Custom Made or Special Size Mattress

Need a mattress or a mattress topper for an unusual sized bed? No problem! We understand that not all beds are the same size or shape, so we will custom-make any size or shape you are looking for. If you are unable to find your mattress in our mattress size guide, please follow our instructions below so we can help you get exactly what you need.

What memory foam products can I choose from?

We can make your mattress or mattress topper from any of the products we have on Bodymould Mattresses. Our range is made up for 4 quality types, each offering their own benefits depending on the requirements of the customer.

Choose from any of the below before letting us know what you need or get in touch to discuss it further with our team.

How do I order a custom made mattress?

The best way to make an order with Bodymould Mattresses is directly through our website or by getting in touch with our sales team. Use the form below to submit a request and we will be in touch as soon as possible, or call us on 01293 871744.

How long will it take to make the mattress?

All our memory foam is manufactured, cut & shaped in our own warehouse here in the UK. Along with this quality guarantee, we are also one of the fastest ways to get a custom sized mattress that’s unbeatable on price**!

**Quotes will be valid for 5 days**