Boat Mattresses & Toppers

Specialist marine memory foam mattresses for your yacht or boat

Custom Boat Mattresses & Toppers

We have developed a custom boat mattresses from memory foam, specially designed for marine use. Luxurious, comfortable, cut to size & shape and made from the best foam products.

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There is no need to sacrifice comfort or quality on your boat or yacht, with custom cut memory foam mattresses for boats available directly through Bodymould. Our memory foam is of the highest quality and is safe to use in marine environments, meaning it will not disintegrate or crumble over time when exposed to mild moisture. The addition of our waterproof, high comfort covers mean that your boat mattress or topper will last as long as at home.

We can manufacture mattresses or mattress toppers to suit your exact boat needs, whether that is specific thicknesses, sizes or shapes.

Explore why you should buy boat mattresses & toppers for your boat.

Have a bed or mattress that is not a standard size? No problem, we can manufacture a mattress or topper to suit your exact requirements, even curved – Custom Memory Foam Mattresses

Standard Boat Mattress

Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress

Amazing comfort and support at incredible prices, coming with a waterproof cover and turning any bed on the boat into a fantastic place to sleep.

Luxury Superyacht Mattress

Supreme Memory Foam Mattress

The Supreme is our most comfortable range of boat mattresses and toppers, perfect for those who enjoy some luxury on board their yacht.

Warm Weather Yacht Mattress

Airflow Memory Foam Mattress

If you spend many a night on board in some of the warmer and more desirable places in the world then an airflow mattress or topper will be essential for a cool nights sleep.

Perfect Boat Toppers

All of our mattress products are available as toppers, providing a cost, transport and storage effective solution for your boat when used with an existing mattress.

Custom Boat Mattress

Send us your required mattress or topper dimensions & we’ll make to order.

Available across all our 4 product types.

Boat Mattresses

Choose from a wide range of sizes for both UK and EU mattress dimensions.

Available across our 4 product types.

Boat Toppers

Available in any size for both UK and EU bed dimensions.

Available across our 4 product types.

Benefits of custom boat mattresses

Luxury Comfort

Waterproof Cover


Home from Home

Owning a yacht, or any boat, is often considered the pinnacle of luxury living, so why compromise on your yacht mattress quality? At bodymould we believe that any holiday that involves being on the move, such as boats, caravans and motor homes, should be a home from home, with the same comfort available day and night. Over the last decade we have developed our leading range of memory foam mattresses for boats, along with boat mattress toppers that are perfect for a great nights sleep whilst reducing the chance of back or joint pain.

All of our mattresses and toppers are manufactured in house, using market leading foam found in the biggest brand name mattresses, meaning we are ones of the most affordable places to buy online.

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