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Caravan Mattresses & Toppers

Enjoy added comfort on your holidays this summer with our top of the range, lightweight caravan memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers, ideal for camping, caravans and motor homes.

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Taking a holiday in a caravan or camper is a wonderful way to spend a summer, hitting the open road and exploring places off the beaten track, but it is often considered as an activity that lacks comfort. Bodymould Mattresses have been manufacturing memory foam mattresses and toppers for use in caravans, motor homes and camper vans for over a decade, making every trip a home away from home and providing that extra bit comfort to your holiday.

Explore why you should buy a memory foam mattress topper or mattress for your caravan.

Have a bed or mattress that is not a standard size? No problem, we can manufacture a mattress or topper to suit your exact requirements, even curved – Custom Memory Foam Mattresses

Custom Caravan Mattress

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Caravan Mattresses

Choose from a wide range of sizes for both UK and EU mattress dimensions.

Available across our 4 product types.

Caravan Toppers

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Available across our 4 product types.

Benefits of caravan memory foam mattresses


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Home from Home

Just because you enjoy a holiday in a caravan, motor home or camper van, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the comfort of your own bed, which is exactly where caravan memory foam mattresses can come in so useful. We use market leading memory foam, as used by branded products across the country, with each of our mattress or topper products coming with warranties due to our confidence in the foam quality we use.

By upgrading your caravan mattress to a bodymould memory foam mattress or mattress topper, you can reduce the risk of back and joint aches and pains as the foam works to provide spinal support while you sleep. Ideal for those out exploring the countryside, hiking or mountain climbing as part of their camping trip.

Our toppers are available in cool, lightweight materials, making them the perfect addition to any caravan sleeping surface, be that a bed or an existing mattress, whilst being easily transported and stored, essential to your trip.

At Bodymould we manufacture all of our mattresses in house, meaning we can supply custom items at unbeatable prices and have them to you in just a few days.