Baby & Toddler Mattress

My First Mattress – Coming Soon

Your baby needs a firm, waterproof and anti allergy mattress, with improved airflow that allows them to sleep comfortably and coolly. Bodymould have developed the perfect first mattress for your baby.

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Putting your baby or toddler to bed knowing they are comfortable and safe will put your mind and ease and may help your child sleep through the night, benefiting your whole family. We have developed 2 cot mattresses using our premium foam from our Supreme and Airflow ranges, providing great comfort and a warm or cooler option depending on the sleep conditions for your baby.

If you need a custom size, we are able to manufacture any shape or size depending on your requirements. All our cot mattresses come with 2 x washable waterproof covers to ensure long life for your babies mattress, lasting until they move on from their cot.

Explore why you should buy a foam mattress for your baby.

Have a cot that is not a standard size? No problem, we can manufacture a mattress to suit your exact requirements, even curved – Custom Foam Mattresses

Custom Cot Mattress

Cut to fit your babies cot or bed perfectly.

Available from our Supreme or Airflow range.

Supreme Baby Mattress

Warm & comfortable for a range of cot sizes for both UK and EU dimensions.

From our Supreme range.

Airflow Baby Mattress

Cool & comfortable, available in a range of UK & EU cot dimensions.

Made from our Airflow range.

Benefits of our memory foam baby mattress

Anti Allergy

Our premium foams are used in leading brand products and are anti allergy grade, perfect for babies and young children.

Warm or Cool

If your babies nursery is either cool or warm, you can choose a memory foam mattress to suit the environment and assist your babies sleep.

Waterproof Cover

Any baby mattress will require a comfortable, washable and waterproof cover to protect the foam and ensure it lasts into toddler-hood.

Need a warmer cot mattress?

Supreme My First Mattress

Manufactured from our firmest and most comfortable foam.

How to help your baby sleep safely

Babies sleep on their back

The safest sleeping position for your baby is on their back. Position them lower down the cot to prevent them wriggling down and under the covers.

Have your baby sleep in your room

It is recommended that your baby sleeps in your room for the first six months after birth, ideally in a moses basket or cot.

Monitor room temperature

16-20 degrees is the ideal temperature range for your babies room, helping them sleep without being too hot or too cool..

Avoid sharing bed after smoking

If you have been smoking, or even drinking alcohol, avoid sharing your bed with your baby and have them sleep in their cot.

Use a firm, waterproof mattress

Our ‘My First Mattress’ product is the ideal firmness for your babies sleep and comes with a comfortable, waterproof cover.

Consider breast feeding

Although not directly related to your babies sleeping, breast feeding is known to reduce the chances of SIDS (also referred to as cot death).

Keep the cot clear

Reduce the amount of clutter in the cot, including toys and extra covers to prevent accidents and reduce the risk of SIDS.

Do not cover head

By positioning your baby lower down their cot and keeping the cot free from clutter, they will be less likely to have their head covered.