10 Signs you need a new mattress

10 signs you need a new mattress

10 Signs you need a new mattress

Every mattress has a shelf life, typically between 7-10 years depending on quality, so eventually it will come time to replace your old mattress with a brand-new one. Wear and tear eventually takes its toll on a mattress, but often the signs that suggest it’s time for a replacement aren’t always clear.

Here are 10 signs you need a new mattress:


One of the first and most obvious signs that your mattress needs replaced is its age. On average, you’re supposed to change your mattress every seven to ten years, so if your mattress has reached or even passed that age it really should be replaced soon.

Anything older than ten years should be replaced as soon as possible!

Waking up with aches and pains

Now, many people wake up feeling stiff with aches and pains, and while it’s not always the fault of a mattress, it certainly will be in many cases. Older mattresses will deteriorate over time, eventually becoming less effective at offering support to the various joints and muscles of the body, resulting in aches and pains that once never occurred.

A lack of good sleep

Similar to waking up with various pains, if you wake up feeling lethargic and generally uncomfortable, then it may be the mattress telling you it’s time for a replacement. This is because the more wear and tear on a mattress, the less comfort it offers, resulting in a restless sleep full of tossing and turning.

Finding comfort anywhere but your bed

Does your couch or a friend’s bed seem like heaven compared to your own? Have you recently stayed in a hotel and found the difference in mattress comfort to be significant? Then it might be time for a new mattress!

If you had the best sleep you’ve had in some time from another mattress is a clear sign that your current mattress is worn and not providing the comfort it once did.


An easy visual sign that is hard to miss, any mattress showing signs of sagging needs to be replaced. This applies to both spring and foam mattresses, as these materials will generally break down over time leading to visible sagging.

Be sure to tackle this early – even a few inches of sagging are more than enough to need a replacement.


Another obvious visual indicator, lumps appearing across the mattress is a sign that the padding is breaking down and causing uneven density. This will impact support and comfort, especially around the joints, so should certainly be addressed.


When it comes to memory foam mattresses, they should always return to their original state once you get up. So, if your body is leaving an impression that lasts long after you leave your mattress, then it might be a sign that the inner foam structure has broken down over time, meaning its offering less effective support and needs replaced.


While not a sign from your mattress but rather your own body, being pregnant is always one of the best reasons to invest in a new mattress. This is due to ever-changing state of the body and the need for top-quality support for common pregnancy issues such as back pain.

Adjustable beds are a fantastic option for these scenarios, as they allow you to change the bed to suit the various stages of pregnancy.

Heightened allergy symptoms

Older mattresses will eventually accumulate a range of allergens such as mould and dust mites. This may cause an increase in allergies like sneezing anytime you spend time near your mattress, being a clear sign that it needs a replacement.

If you are susceptible to allergy symptoms, be sure to consider investing in an allergen cover or a hypoallergenic mattress.

Suffering an injury

If you have recently suffered from an injury or are recovering from surgery, your mattress may need to be replaced in order aid your recovery. Sleeping on a used mattress in such a condition will never help matters and may end up slowing down your recovery time.

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